India My Donate Scholarships


Indiamydonate has been established with a vision to improve social, intellectual and economic environment in India. And we believe that this is possible only with the help of Education. Education advances the progress of society both psychologically and economically. But this can be achieved only if young people have access to quality education. The Scholarship Program initiated by Indiamydonate aims to bring the benefits of education to those who have been deprived of this fundamental right due to financial constraints or other reasons. These young people can then in turn contribute to the larger benefit of society by serving as doctors, engineers, teachers or in other roles leading and mentoring the society.
The Program
Indiamydonate will offer scholarships to students in various fields. These will include scholarships for
• Technical studies
• Medical Studies
• General Studies
• Higher studies

The organization aims to cover 100 students across 31 states to take the number of scholarships to 3100 annually. The scholarships will be funded by Mr. Ramu Gorai so that the society gets benefitted by the contributions of these educated young people.
Thorough verifications will be done before awarding scholarships and will be awarded to particularly those who have been challenged by repressive circumstances & financial difficulties.
The scholarship program has already been started and all efforts are being made to extend it to all states of India in near future.
The program is a small way by the initiator, Mr. Ramu Gorai to give back to society as guided by the scriptures.