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About Us

Indiamydonate is a passionate initiative to bring the benefits of education to those who seek higher studies but cannot afford it due to financial or other reasons. The project has been initiated by Ramu Gorai, a sincere software engineer working for TCS International. He has initiated this program out of passion to contribute to the society in his own small way.
Ramu Gorai believes in the principle and significance of charity, described in detail in the spiritual scriptures. The Vedas clearly show the path of Charity or Daan to uplift human life and make it divine. The Vedas guide one to be sensitive to human sufferings and social injustice. The Holy scriptures inspire humans to do social service believing in the principle of global brotherhood and natural respect for all humanity irrespective of caste, race and religion.
India’s rich heritage lies in not only spiritual wealth but also in imparting value education and education of values. In this backdrop, we see that India has many students who are capable of achieving great heights but do not get opportunity to realize their goals due to financial constraints. Understanding this barrier in the lives of aspiring students, Mr. Ramu Gorai initiated Indiamydonate, an organization that will award Scholarships to deserving students for higher education including fields like Medical and Engineering. Indiamydonate will cater to all the states of India helping students and providing financial aid to pay for their higher studies.
Apart from this, Ramu Gorai, a devout follower of the Shastras and having faith in the teachings of the Vedas, aspires to work for the protection of sacred cows. Cows in India present a picture of neglect feeding on garbage and being slaughtered mercilessly. Indiamydonate will work to save these sacred animals providing them care, food and shelter.
“Every Charitable Act is a Stepping Stone towards Heaven.”

Ramu Gorai

Ramu Gorai is an entrepreneur, software consultant and philanthropist. He devoted his most of the time into community and society development along with his profession. He is born and brought up in West Bengal India. He is a member of different society and organizations for society development and they rewarded him various appreciations for his noble work. This charity is run from his contributions only.